Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game Review

By: Michael Eblahad

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a fighting game that was published by Bandai Namco Entertainments and is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It  continues off after the game “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3” during The 4th Great Ninja War.  The Game has many different features as well like Story Mode, TypeBAdventure Mode, Collection, Free Battle, and Online Battle.

Let’s start with story mode. Story Mode is basically a way to finish the animated series  “Naruto Shippuden” but they only put in the important stuff like main boss fights or important plots that were in the anime. The game has two storylines, One for Naruto Uzumaki and One for Sasuke Uchiha; but later on it will merge into one storyline for both of the main characters of the game.

Adventure Mode is a mode where it takes you down through memory lane. It has side quests and missions as well as these memory fragments. These memory fragments are around the map and you can find it anywhere. You will be able to interact with it and when you do you play an important battle that is in the anime but each important battle is in a specific location on the map but you can find them easily.

Collection Mode is nothing really special. It’s a way for you to spend your money on clothes, cut scenes, titles, or other things for certain characters that are in the game.

Free Battle is a way for you to practice your fighting skills. In Free battle you have the option to do Versus Battles which is a basic 1v1 battle against friends or computers. Survival Mode is a way to fight endless number of computers and to see how long you can last with the current health and energy bars you have left. Tournament mode is a way for you and other friends to fight each other and see who will win. League Battles is a way for you and 3 other friends join in on a series of matches against computers.

Lastly we have online battles. Online battle is a way for you to fight other skilled players to rank up or doing online events. There is this ranking mode where you fight series pl
ayers around the world and if you win your rank will increase and if you lose your rank will decrease. But some people would prefer looking for a random match and fight a random player and fight for fun. Online events are a way for you to get ninja tools that you can use in collection mode so that you can buy more stuff in the shop.

I recommend getting this game. It is a lot of fun to play by yourself as well as playing with your friends. If you can’t afford to get the game now there is a demo mode that is free for anyone that has the Playstation 4, Xbox One, or PC.


Softball Game Re-cap



by Ryan Crews

  The girls varsity softball team had a tough loss Friday, April 29, to Clawson High School.

  Clawson got up on the Eagles early in the first inning when their #3 batter hits a home run scoring three runs and would later score another two points that inning.

   Clawson pitcher had a no hitter going until that was snapped in the 4th inning by #5 Celina Garner, when she hit a nice single in between third and short. She didn’t waste any time either when she got on base stealing all the bases and giving the eagles their first run.

  The lady eagles were putting the bat on the ball but couldn’t get them to fall in the gaps, #24 Larecia Scott, was the only other eagle to get a hit off the Clawson pitcher. Hitting a nice shot into left field later in the 4th inning.

  Even with a loss the Eagles had some really nice plays on defense. In the start of the 3rd inning Ashleigh Jackson-Davenport made a nice stop at third and had a nice throw at first to get the girl out.

   Later that inning, #8 Stacy Wenzel made a nice play when there was a overthrow to the pitcher and the girls tried to steal third but was thrown out by Stacy.

   And let’s not forget #2 freshman Alyssa Boucher performance as pitcher having six strikeouts, four of those being on their clean up batter and making another three plays in the field.

  The game ended after the 5th inning with the finally score as 17-1. The eagles started the season of with a win and are looking for another one before the season is over.


photo credit: Autumn Boucher





Vox Pop

News Brief: Stem at Wilkinson Middle School

Wilkinson students are now participating in a program called STEM to help with jobs in the future. STEM is a new learning technique they are trying, which centers around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Stem is unique because it is educating students on these subjects as a whole instead of separately. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be a need for 8.65 million workers for jobs related to STEM. By working with STEM, Wilkinson is getting their students prepared for these jobs when the time comes.

Seniors playing college sports

by Chase Mitchell

Seniors are at the home stretch of their high school experience, only a few months left until they take their finals and throw their hats in the air at graduation. However there’s always one question that every high school senior has to ask themselves at one point, “what’s next?”

It may seem simple, usually seniors go on to their favorite college that they’ve been dreaming of since they were freshmen, but this process is very different for seniors who want to play college sports.

A lot goes into picking the right school academically and athletically, different students have different preferences and goals, also sometimes their dream schools isn’t the school that’s calling on them.

“My dream school is West Virginia University, it would mean the world to me to be able to play there,” senior Erick White said.

Erick is a going into his last year of baseball at Madison and is planning on playing at the collegiate level right away. He says that WVU would be the perfect school for him but he’s had zero contact with them for the moment.

He does hold interest from Toledo, Saginaw State, and Florida Atlantic, and with a solid senior season he should rack up a couple scholarships this year.

“The deciding factors in picking a school that is right for me are that they have to have my major (psychology) and the athletic program has to be top notch,” Alyssa Phillips said. 

Athletics as well as academics will play a vital role in her decision. Alyssa is in the middle of her senior season with the girls basketball team. She’s drawn interest from schools all over the state and hopes to get more while on the road to a state championship. Finding the perfect balance of a good education and a contending ladies basketball team will be her biggest challenge after this season.

“The schools I’m interested in are U of M, Michigan State, Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan and Toledo,” Mike Floyd said. 

Mike Floyd is also a senior in the middle of his final basketball season at Madison. After the season Mike will make his decision on where he’s going to play for the next four years. His decision will be based on the financial aspect of college sports.

Picking the right college to attend is difficult for any high school senior, but is little more difficult for athletes. The time, money, and sacrifice that goes into being to play college sports for a school that’s right for you can take a tool, but being able to put pen to paper on signing day makes it all worth it.


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